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Every Student Succeeding!

Every Student Succeeding

Congratulations to Jorge Roman for earning this prestigious award.  Jorge's strong work ethic, his perseverance, and his kind and gentle spirit enable him to stand out above the rest!

1st Annual Joint Jog-a-thon

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Earthquake News

Napa Junction has had to shift some classrooms to ensure students are safe and secure.  Rooms 19, 20, 21 and 22 had some structural damage to ceilings that had to be addressed.  While that work is being done we shifted class locations.  Our TKs in Rooms 21 and 22 are set up in our multi-use room.  Room 19 students moved over to Room 16.  Students in Rooms 16 and 20 are on a bit of an adventure.  Their classes are set up on the American Canyon High School campus.  They are in D303 and D304.  We transport students to the campus each morning and transport them back to Napa Junction before the dismissal bell.  The district is working with the state to ensure the reconstruction is code compliant.  Everyone is moving as quickly as possible to get the school back to normal but we do not have a definitive date of when students will be allowed to move back into their spaces.

Napa Junction se reabrirá el Miércoles, 27 de Agosto. Estamos cambiando algunas de sus salones para asegurar que los estudiantes están seguros y a salvo. Las habitaciones 19, 20, 21 y 22 deben sustituir tejas en el techo. Mientras que se está llevando a cabo el trabajo estamos cambiando lugares. Nuestro TK en las habitaciones 21 y 22 se estableció en la cafeteria. Un nuevo sustituto se iniciará en la habitación 19 esta semana. Habitación de 19 estudiantes y esta nueva por Habitación 16. Los estudiantes en los salones 16 y 20 tendrán un poco de una aventura. Sus clases se configurarán en la American Canyon High School campus. Serán en la D303 y D304. Vamos a transportar a los estudiantes del campus cada mañana y transporte a Napa Junction antes de la campana de despedida. Los estudiantes serán transportados en un autobús escolar NVUSD. Mantendremos todas las familias actualizado con la información tan pronto como nos sea posible

Our 4th Graders on NPR

Danny Bringer, from NPR's The California Report, visited Napa Junction.  NPR had heard of our Project Based Learning work and was curious to learn about the current 4th Grade project that involved partnering with Sonoma Raceway.  Follow this link to read his story and listen to the audio.  http://www.californiareport.org/archive/R201406201630/c


Today: 9/15/14

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Parent University English Classes

English classes are cancelled until September 22, 2014 or until further notice.


Las clases de Inglés son cancelados hasta 22 de Septiembre, 2014 o hasta nuevo aviso.

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