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Today: 8/23/14

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Every Student Succeeding

Congratulations to Jorge Roman for earning this prestigious award.  Jorge's strong work ethic, his perseverance, and his kind and gentle spirit enable him to stand out above the rest!

1st Annual Joint Jog-a-thon

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Our 4th Graders on NPR

Danny Bringer, from NPR's The California Report, visited Napa Junction.  NPR had heard of our Project Based Learning work and was curious to learn about the current 4th Grade project that involved partnering with Sonoma Raceway.  Follow this link to read his story and listen to the audio.  http://www.californiareport.org/archive/R201406201630/c


Project Based Learning at NJ

     At Napa Junction, we are leading the charge to implement Project Based Learning for all students.  This engaging teaching method is based on the philosophy used at New Tech High: combine multiple academic subjects into student projects that allow our students to not only learn the material, but also to dig deeply into ideas and apply concepts to the real world. 

     This has lead to a strong level of community support, as our students reach out into the community and involve everyone - from family members to civic leaders - in our school and its projects.

     Of course, this wouldn't work without a highly motivated and enthusiastic staff who work as a team to ensure that every student is connected, engaged and challenged, and that every project makes learning come to life.

Project Based Learning at... Napa Junction

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