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For Information About School Closures

Please read below or go directly to the school district website.

School will reopen as soon as possible.  NVUSD must consider if schools have power, the ability to communicate through phones and internet, public access to schools, the ability to staff sites and air quality.  Even though American Canyon schools are safe overall, there have been communication issues, the air quality has been terrible and significant numbers of staff have been evacuated from their homes to escape the fires.  It is everyone's desire that life returns to normal as soon as possible and we can return to our classrooms and our students.

New Front Office Staff


We are happy to introduce Rosa!  Rosa is our new bilingual office clerk.  She will be in our front office daily 8:30-11:30.  She has also been hired to be a yard duty supervisor 12:00-1:00.  Please stop by to welcome her.

Student Led Conference Week

As a result of the Napa Valley fires, student led conferences scheduled the week of October 9-13 were cancelled.  Once school is back in session, the school district will adjust our school calendar and determine new dates for these important meetings with students and their families.

Your child's teacher will be sending home information about your child's conference time.  Napa Junction students lead their conference. By doing so, we actively engage them in their own learning process.  

Report Cards Have a New Look

NVUSD is changing how we report student academic progress to parents.  Beginning this year, students will receive a Progress Report instead of a Report Card at the ends of Trimester 1 and 2.  The students will receive a Report Card in June only.  The Progress Report will show where your student is in relation to where we want them to be at the end of the year.  For a preview of the new reports, follow these links:



Our Program

Napa Junction Magnet School is a New Tech Network elementary school.  All of our students are engaged in Project Based Learning (PBL), an instructional method where students work for an extended period of time investigating and responding to complex questions.  As a magnet STEM school, each project integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, as well as literacy.  Students regularly attend our school's STEM Lab and have engineering, technology and field trip experiences that connect with their current PBL project.  Our program builds essential skills for today's world, including collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

Napa Junction Featured

We are proud to have been featured in the latest Impact Report from New Tech Network. This report features evidence that we are transforming education. http://bit.ly/2wcWPsW



Here's why:

  • We committed to making attendance decisions based on air quality, and the forecast for the week continues to include periods in the red (unhealthy) and purple (very unhealthy) zones.
  • There is just too much variability in air quality to be confident for an entire school day.

We are committed to getting students back in school as quickly as possible, but only when the air quality situation is more reliably orange (unhealthy for sensitive groups) or better. 


NVUSD staff will get additional information through their usual communication channels.


>> NVUSD Napa Fire Follow-up: More Info and Resources



Ed Matters logo

September/October topics:

  • Must be present to learn!
  • Your student ID is your Napa County Library card
  • American Canyon schools meeting on Oct. 3
  • Open Enrollment begins Oct. 2
  • School Expo is Oct. 26
  • Food Day is Oct. 24

Read the article >>>


Date: October 26

Time: 5:00-6:30 PM

Location: NVUSD Education Center, 2425 Jefferson St., Napa


For: Parents of incoming and current elementary and middle school students.


Representatives from all of our elementary and middle schools -- including principals -- will be in attendance. District administrators will also be available to discuss preschool, transitional kindergarten, special education, ALPS, and our magnet school programs.


Information break-out sessions will be held in which parents will learn about the enrollment process and the school choice options offered within our district, including neighborhood, magnet and charter schools.


More information:



Worldwide, nationally and locally, humans are being challenged by forces of nature: fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and more. Close to home, we know the anxiety and uncertainty people feel when their world is changed overnight, such as the earthquake of Aug. 24, 2014. So our empathy for those in Texas, Florida, Mexico and other places is real and heartfelt.


Many in our community are uncertain and anxious due to the announced changes in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.  


Our Board of Trustees, as well as the County Supervisors and municipal councils, resolved in April 2017: “We aspire to be a model for inclusion and equity for all populations, including immigrants, refugees, and other newcomers and are committed to supporting the ongoing inclusion and long-term economic and social integration of newcomers, and to demonstrate values of unity and acceptance.”


We will continue to follow the policies put in place nationally, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, until new policies or laws are enacted, and remain committed to our vision of preparing all of our community’s children for college and careers in the 21st century.


El NVUSD se compromete a servir a todos los estudiantes


A nivel mundial, nacional y local, los seres humanos están siendo desafiados por las fuerzas de la naturaleza: incendios, huracanes y otros elementos. Cerca de casa, somos conscientes de la ansiedad y la incertidumbre que la gente siente cuando su mundo cambia de la noche a la mañana, como pasó con el terremoto del 24 de agosto de 2014. Así que nuestra empatía por aquellas personas que viven en Texas, Florida, México y otros lugares es real y sentida.


Muchas personas de nuestra comunidad tienen incertidumbre y ansiedad debido a los cambios anunciados sobre la normativa Acción Diferida para Llegadas Infantiles (DACA, por sus siglas en inglés).  


Nuestra Mesa del Consejo Directivo, así como los Supervisores del Condado y consejos municipales, resolvieron en abril de 2017: “Aspiramos a ser un ejemplo de inclusión y equidad para todas las poblaciones, inclusive inmigrantes, personas refugiadas y otros recién llegados, y estamos comprometidos con el hecho de apoyar la inclusión económica y social continua y a largo plazo de los recién llegados, y con el hecho de demostrar los valores de la unidad y la aceptación.”


Continuaremos siguiendo las normativas que se implementen a nivel nacional, inclusive la Acción Diferida para Llegadas Infantiles, hasta que se promulguen nuevas normativas o leyes, y permanecemos comprometidos con nuestra visión de preparar a todos los niños y niñas de nuestra comunidad para la universidad y las profesiones del siglo 21.



Napa County Public Health is offering free seasonal flu vaccine shots to anyone over 3 years of age


The spray version of the vaccine is not available this year, but the flu shot is still the safest and most effective way to avoid getting the flu. In addition to protecting yourself from getting sick, the vaccine can prevent you from spreading the flu to your family and other people who are more likely to have severe illness.


See the attached schedule for dates and locations.



If you have a Bachelor's Degree and would like to work as a substitute teacher for the Napa Valley Unified School District, please look at this announcement and consider applying.





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